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Sayed is a given name, derived from Arabic سعيد (sa’īd), meaning “happy” or “lucky”. It is common in Arabic-speaking and Muslim countries. Notable people with the name include:

Sayed Abdul Rahman (disambiguation), various



Sayed Darwish was a famous Egyptian singer and composer. He is considered to be the father of modern Arabic music. Darwish was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1892. He began his musical career as a singer in the Cairo Opera House. He composed his first song,

who is sayed

– 1


where is sayed

– 2


what is sayed

– 3


where is sayed

– 4


whom is sayed

– 5


are you sayed

– 6


this is sayed

– 7


it is sayed

– 8


which is sayed

– 9


when is sayed

– 10


{titlell} – 11


this man is sayed

– 12


are you sayed

– 13


what is sayed home

– 14


whis is sayed home

– 15


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